DUI/DWI Attorney

The consequences of a DUI conviction can be severe and devastating. The penalties for a DUI conviction increase from a small fine and 48 hours of jail time for a first offense to a large fine and from 1-5 years of jail time for a third DUI offense within the past five years. Furthermore, a recent change in Mississippi law provides that a fourth DUI conviction in a person’s lifetime will subject that person to a sentence of 2-10 years of jail time. Therefore, a person charged with a DUI should seek an experienced attorney as soon as possible to handle this kind of case.

Attorney Carter has zealously defended clients involved in DUI cases with outstanding results. His experience includes representing clients in numerous first and second offense DUI and felony DUI cases with positive results, including dismissals, non-adjudications, and other resolutions that were substantially less than the penalties allowed by law.