Practice Areas

Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Ottowa E. Carter, Jr. has been extremely successful in handling murder, rape, drug, assault, driving under the influence, and other criminal cases. He is ready to assist you in your time of need.

DUI/DWI Attorney

Whether you are facing a first offense driving under the influence (DUI), a second offense DUI, or a felony DUI, you need an attorney who has the expertise to defend your rights. Attorney Carter has successfully handled numerous DUI cases.

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Medical Malpractice Attorney

Attorney Carter has worked as an aggressive advocate for clients who have suffered personal injury due to the negligent behavior of others. This kind of case is perhaps best illustrated by a car accident in which one driver sues the other for an accident that was caused by improper driving.

Civil Forfeitures and Expungements Attorney

Do you feel your property was taken unjustly? Let Attorney Carter seek justice for you. He has handled numerous civil forfeiture cases with outstanding results.